The business advisor is a role between that of a mentor who does not get directly involved with the day-to-day operations of the business and the consultant who works actively in the day-to-day operation providing solutions to specific challenges faced by the business. The business advisor is someone who understands the industry sector the challenges faced by an organisation and guides the management in reaching a solution.

There isn’t a defining line between a mentor and an advisor not between an advisor and consultant, to decide on what the role is in a particular instance we need to look at the essence of the relationship. In fact the relationship may change over time as the mentor/advisor/consultant becomes more or less involved with an organisation and the nature of the service provided.

The Business Advisor is there to support all organizations reach their full business-related potential. The hub of the Business Advisor stems from the introduction of core values which will set a constructive course of action needed at your business. This is done with the integrity and skill of advisors who take pride and relish from putting your organisation on the right track. Positive changes in direction and fortune can be made from gentle but necessary alterations to the current commercial setting. These modifications along with diagnostic checks and strategic planning could make a real and welcome change to your productivity and profitability.

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